I have many enquiries weekly requesting my services, most by email, occasionally by phone. I received a call last weekend from a lovely lady who is due who baby soon, where she said ‘I was going to book with (said company) but after having a conversation with me on Newborn safety she has now booked with me. This made me think, Newborn photography isn’t a regulated industry, you are putting your trust in this person to handle your most precious possession, if no one else is making sure they are safe then you need to.

Don’t be afraid to ask, you are requesting the services of this person. Yes, one of the biggest things that attract you to a photographer are of course their work, their price, whether they have a studio or are mobile, but I ask you to also consider whether they are insured, whether they have received Newborn posing training. It’s the little things I look out for when posing that many may not consider, the safety of the pose, babies circulation and whether certain shots are composites, like the ‘froggy’ pose, I have seen a few videos in my 5 years of babies not being held in this pose, it is worrying and horrifying.


One of the first things I did when I got into this industry was to be trained and insured. New photographers and companies pop up all of the time, all of them need to be trained and insured.